Neris at the paddle expo presenting their brand in German

About Neris Kayaks

Manufacturing Kayaks Since 1999

NERIS is a Ukrainian manufacturer specializing in water equipment for river paddling, as well as sea and lake excursions. The company has been producing kayaks and catamarans since 1999 and began serial production in 2005.

NERIS products are available through distributors in Ukraine, Germany, the UK, Austria, Poland, Sweden, Norway, Finland, and Moldova. In 2023, NERIS expanded its market to include sales in Canada and the United States.

Neris manufacturing facility near Kyiv, Ukraine

Our Philosophy

Quality Without Compromise

Our goal is to maximize the safety of water adventurers, so we never cut corners to make our gear cheaper, simpler, or excessively light. For us, it's all about reliability and safety.

A kayak isn't like a bike that you can just stop by the roadside; lives depend on the quality of every part of our product.

Neris Smart S three kayak with two paddlers. Expedition to greenland.

Neris Expeditions

We are kayakers too

As passionate kayakers who've explored everywhere from Cape Horn to the serene lakes of Ukraine, we've used our adventures to craft kayaks that are unique, easy to assemble, and built to last. Whether you're enjoying a quiet lake day with the family or embarking on an ambitious ocean expedition, our kayaks are designed with every kind of paddler in mind.

We've thoughtfully considered every kayaker's needs, from casual family outings to intense expeditions. Our range includes accessories like sail rigs, rudder systems, and dry bags, all tailor-made for NERIS kayaks to enhance your paddling experience.

Neris Smart Pro Reviews

Official Distributor of Neris Kayaks

Neris Adventures is officially authorized to distribute Neris Kayaks in Canada and the US.